Dino has been in the building material industry since he was 17 years old working as a lath and plasterer becoming a seasoned journeyman in the trade. 32 years later, Dino is THE resident expert for all exterior products and application in California.

In 1995 Dino graduated from being a tradesman in the field to operations and management, helping start a small building materials distribution company, Universal Material Supply in Pomona, CA. There, Dino really honed his skills in both sales and operations which in 1999 provided him an opportunity to work with a much larger regional player, CALPLY.   Starting as a salesman, Dino quickly proved to be a force in the industry, again leveraging his knowledge of exterior products as well as a keen sales prowess and long-term relationship building. In 2008, Dino moved on to Great Western Building Materials as Sales Manager for the California region and helped grow both the exterior products division as well as drywall and metal customers significantly.

With a desire to again work for his previous boss Al Jordan, in February of 2014 Dino jumped at the opportunity to join ARGOS as Vice President of Sales & Operations.   Dino brought with him his unique ability as a master of both Sales and Operations, of which few people in the industry possess. Without him, ARGOS could not have sustained the amount of growth its performed since. Not only did he successfully facilitate a location move from an 18,000 square foot warehouse to a 50,000 square foot facility, he’s also helped exceed revenue targets year over year.

As Vice President of Sales & Operations for ARGOS, all sales, front-office/customer service and warehouse personnel report to Dino.